ACCESO Tec - Emerging Technologies

ACCESO Tec assists in the creation of the new technologies while strengthening the rule of law, providing access to justice, and building economic opportunities.  Emerging technologies are forcing us to renegotiate the social contract, integrate algorithms into our agreements, and embrace a new era of digital sovereignty.

By controlling the data we generate, the use of our private information, and taking the reigns of social media and our online interactions, we are self-empowered.  Likewise, the role of professionals – like doctors and lawyers – are changing.  Smart contracts, Artificial Intelligence and the harnessing of big data are all changing traditional workplaces.  

Financial institutions and utility providers with whom we contract may have their work disintermediated over time.  Governance structures and economic relations are all in flux with the rollout of blockchain technology.  This is the time for ACCESO Tec.

Here some opinion articles from ACCESO Director on Emerging Technologies:

Cooper Co-Authors New Oped on Reg Tech  Business Times (Singapore) article 

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ACCESO Tec and Transparency
As an extension of the legal reform process, ACCESO Tec is based on the concept of open and transparent access to justice. To accomplish this, the system must contain amongst other things security and accountability features, such as password protected access, specific user identification and a usage log to discourage corruption and limit special treatment of certain classes of citizens. The result will be promotion and public recognition of an equitable social landscape with respect to the law and legal process.

Proyecto ACCESO is strengthening the Americas by strengthening the rule of law. Our globalized world requires the rule of law as its dialtone. The rule of law is good for the protection of human rights and intellectual property rights. With the harmonization of national laws, the emergence of international law, and new technologies for conflict resolution, there is a need for judicial innovation. ACCESO Tec’s team does more than mere technology transfer.

With our interdisciplinary collaboration we create best practices that can be modeled for use throughout the Americas. ACCESO Tec takes the lead in legal innovations.

With our partners in the technology world, we guide, develop and implement the latest in legal technology applications that assist in the administration of justice and strengthening of the rule of law.  ACCESO has been working to promote the rule of law and ensure a consistent approach to judicial innovation.

We believe that there is a window of opportunity to transfer technologies and methodologies from the developed world in order to assist Chileans and others in Latin America to quickly implement a system to archive and disseminate evolving case law for the new oral trials. For close to two hundred years, law has been practiced and met out by courts in a closed, non-transparent and secret manner. Such is the civil law tradition in criminal procedures. ACCESO Tec is working to reverse the trend of opague, closed and written trial procedures to encourage more participation, efficiency and transparency.