Borders are by their very nature, contested sites. The U.S.-Mexico border is emblematic of this. Portrayed in music (Manu Chau’s Welcome to Tijuana), film (Stephen Soderberg’s Traffic), and literature (Carlos Fuentes’ The Crystal Frontier), the United States-Mexico border is viewed as a place of promise and potential but also one of tragedy – the place where dreams live and die – all at the same time.

What has been going on at the border over the last several decades is a bipolar response: On the one hand there is free trade, integrated supply chains, interchange of technology and labor, source of corporate profits for global capital.  On the other hand is a quasi state of emergency, if not siege due to a breakdown of rule of law. 

Border Shorties explore the fault line that is the U.S.-Mexico border using video vignettes. 

These videos were co-produced and edited by Marina Shoupe and produced and directed by James Cooper.

Confronting Borders

Border Shorties