Globalization has been a many-edged sword.  There have been winners and there have been losers.  Sometimes regions, peoples and corporations have been both at different times.  Jobs, technology and capital move around the globe without limits courtesy of the removal of trade barriers.  

Trade agreements, multilateral, regional, and bilateral – have all laid the foundations for a global trade regime.  The trouble is, these trade talks are slow and there are many obstacles to achieving a new set of agreements – ones that reflect competition law, cyber security, cryptocurrencies, sustainable development, environmental and labor protections and other pressing issues that require transnational solutions and national action.  

Proyecto ACCESO has long documented the vagaries of globalization and provided thought leadership and training for human capacity building to address these changes.  

Professor James Cooper is a trade scholar, specializing in technology transfer, intellectual property rights and indigenous innovations.  Here is some information about our latest work, including documentary films, public policy projects, and educational activities.