ACCESO’s Traditional Knowledge Series Moves to Taiwan

With the sponsorship of the Avery-Tsui Foundation and the assistance of Sally Wong-Avery, an alumna of California Western School of Law, Proyecto ACCESO has begun shooting a documentary film about the Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Practices of Taiwan’s Aboriginal Peoples.  

To be co-sponsored by the Shung Ye Museum for Aboriginal Peoples, the documentary film features, Aboriginal Peoples members, government officials, academicians and agronomists as experts on these millennium-old healing practices. 

Issues of self-determination, cultural sovereignty, equity, and the role of biotechnology are to be explored. 

Please visit this website to learn more as the project develops.  We hope to have exciting news about the film’s narrator and a co-production agreement soon!


ACCESO Meets with Indigenous TV Team in Taiwan

Proyecto ACCESO is happy to announce that its Mapuche Medicine film - “Pu Ruka Lawen” (also called “Traditional Knowledge – Mapuche Medicine Meets Modernity” in English) will be screened on Taiwan’s TITV 16 which is Taiwan’s Indigenous TV station.