Proyecto ACCESO

We in the Law and Development world talk a lot about the importance of field research and the need for empiricism.  Proyecto ACCESO also believes in the visceral, the kind of research that is more gonzo in its approach.  In so doing, we worked with international actors, local community groups, and philanthropists to create the ultimate interdisciplinary approach to solving major problems.  We were, in short, testing the limits of civic education and the role that popular participation can promote sustainable development and democratic governance.


The Guaraní Liberty Initiative was an importance milestone in the development of Proyecto ACCESO.  It coupled us to legitimate organizations – the Swiss and ILO – while still paying homage to the history of motorcycle diaries elsewhere on the continent.  We tried to give vulnerable peoples – many of them indigenous – with education about their fundamental human rights, including the right to a dignified wage. 


It was a public education curriculum and campaign gone well.  A rare victory.