Traditional Knowledge

Since 1998 ACCESO Indígena has worked to promote traditional justice.  Throughout the Andes we have studied and developed the problem-solving mechanisms of indigenous peoples, creating training programs for the administrators of the community justice programs, training judges and other operators in the legal sector.


We have worked with the Government of Bolivia’s TV Congreso (a part of the Vice-Presidency of Bolivia), launched a website that offers educational opportunities throughout the Andean region, and developed interactive programming, public education materials and  a public service announcement for REPAC, the President’s Representative to the Constituent Assembly negotiations, which produced the New Political Constitution of the State of Bolivia.  We have worked with the Chilean Public Defenders Office on indigenous-centric justice services in the Araucanía region.  


In recent years, ACCESO has turned its attention to Traditional Knowledge, working with foundations, tribes, community leaders and elders, policing and justice officals to promote better understanding and protection of their intellectual property rights.  This is a recent video about our first steps towards better promoting Traditional Knowledge.  


We are now developing a television series about Traditional Knowledge and the Mapuche medicine. More here.



International Workshop for Public Policies on Indigenous Medicine

This trailer will help you gain a better sense of ACCESO’s current project and most importantly, the necessity of preserving and promoting Traditional Knowledge for the future of our global commons. 

The year-long project with the Red Warriache shall serve as a basis for a curriculum.   The footage and editing shall also serve as a pilot for a documentary series.