Courses Offerings

Problem Solving and Prevention Law Seminar (research)

This scholarly-writing seminar explores the sources, conceptions, and procedures for preventing and solving human problems.

Using readings drawn from social science and philosophy as well as from law review articles, legal procedures and reasoning will be compared against other forms of problem-solving.

The goals of the course are to explore the limitations as well as the strengths of law; to uncover the spontaneous or deliberative social processes (sometimes useful, sometimes harmful or violent) that thrive in the absence of law; and to help students face the hard moral and practical choices that are presented by social problems and interpersonal conflict.

Problem Solving Skills and Theory (skills course)

This course introduces several skills that then are practiced by students inside and outside of class: Listening and Communicating; Understanding Conflict through Understanding Interests; Collaborating and Finding Solutions of Mutual Gain; Developing Insight, Creativity, and Judgment; and Designing Systems to Prevent Problems.

Effective use of the skills is guided by several alternative theories: Problem-Solving as a Process; Selection and Perception of “Problems” as Reflecting Values, Identity, and Beliefs; and Understanding Problem-Solving as a Product of Social Structure.

Cross-Cultural Negotiation (under construction)


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