The Chile Summer Program may include a number of tours such as the following:
A guided tour of Parque de la Paz (Villa Grimaldi) in Santiago de Chile.
A guided tour of the Centro de Justicia to watch new oral trials.
A guided tour of a Chilean prison for juveniles or police academy.
A guided tour of the Chilean Supreme Court.
A workshop with Chilean legal sector leaders including the Public Defender and Prosecutor of Santiago de Chile (South).
A guided one-day tour of Valparaiso/Vina del Mar with a possible wine tasting opportunity.

In between first 2 set of classes and the second set of classes, there is an opportunity for students to travel in the region. These additional trips are student-planned and outside the Chile Summer Program.
In the past, they have included the following:
One-day or two day trips for skiing/snowboarding.
A multiple-day trip to the Chilean northern desert (San Pedro de Atacama) or a multiple-day trip to Bolivia (La Paz, Lake Titicaca).
A multiple-day trip to Machu Picchu.
A multiple-day trip to Buenos Aires.
A multiple-day trip to Rio de Janeiro.
A multiple-day trip to Easter Island.

Here are a few photographs of these activities in the past Chile Summer Program: