Chile Summer Program Student's Testimonials

“If you like learning about other cultures, do the CSP. If you like traveling, do the CSP. If you like having fun, do the CSP. If you like making friends for life, do the CSP. If you even marginally like studying law, do the CSP. Even if you don't speak Spanish, do the CSP. If you want to make yourself a better person while having the experience of a lifetime, do the CSP. In fact, just stop reading this and sign up for the CSP already. I promise you will not regret it.”

James Fletchers
South Texas College of Law Student

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Michael Brown, California Western School of Law Student
“The Chile Summer Program was an amazing experience. From the moment I was met at the Santiago airport until the moment I returned home, I felt that the program organizers were looking out for me. The faculty at the Heidelberg Center and the Professors (special thanks to Professor Cooper who is the heart of the program) were outstanding – constantly looking to make the entire experience the best possible by incorporating fun and interesting activities into learning. CSP also provided me the opportunity to hear directly from local authorities on how the rule of law is changing Latin America and the challenges faced by developing democratic countries. For me, the Chile Summer Program bridged the gap between the banality of law school lectures and the practicalities of practicing law in the real world. You’ll leave Chile reinforced with the ideal of just how crucial good lawyering is on a global scale with regard to human rights, fighting terrorism, and developing the rule of law. I highly recommend spending your summer with the Chile Summer Program.”
Andrew Capobianco, New England Law | Boston Student
"I wanted to thank you for organizing such an amazing summer down there in Chile. The program you have created is nothing short of incredible. From the classes to the internship to the overall every day life, I cant think of one single complaint. And I cant thank you enough for setting me up with the internship at OCEANA. That was an experience I would never have been able to receive here in the US, and to have that experience and those contacts going forward will no doubt be extremely valuable. Again, thanks for everything you did for us this summer; it is extremely appreciated and I can certainly say we all had the time of our lives."
Paul Ciccarelli, California Western School of Law Student
“The connections and the classes were invaluable. From class visits by the head Chilean public defender or British Ambassador to the friendships made while snowboarding the slopes of the Andes, my time abroad was amazing. I am happy with my decision to be a “CSPer” and I am ready to return to CWSL with a clear mind and more ambition to practice law than ever.”
Briana Perry, William Mitchell College of Law Student
"The Chile Summer Program was the greatest experience of my life. As someone who has always been interested in international travel but never had the opportunity to study abroad, the CSP allowed me to live in another country all while gaining practical legal experience. I made life-long friends on the trip both with people in South America and from other law schools across the country. If I could have stayed in Chile when the program ended or if I could return every summer with CSP, I would without hesitation. I highly recommend this life-changing opportunity."
Catherine Parsely, South Texas College of Law Student
“I feel like I learned so much not only about Chile, but about myself, in the short time we were there. Thank you for a terrific experience.”
Sarah Jordan, California Western School of Law Student
“The Chile Summer Program provides students with both traditional academic experiences and unique, practical legal training. CSP is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am glad I decided to attend such a well-designed, distinctive study abroad program. CSP students acquired a heightened understanding of cross-cultural legal issues and began developing the legal skills which are necessary to address problems in today’s increasingly globalized society.”