Tuitions and fees

Tuition Fee:

Non-refundable Application fee $250.00
(8 units) $6,000.00
Cultural and Excursion Fee - 1 $750.00
Administrative and Electronic Accessibility Fees - 2 $200.00

The cultural fee covers costs for the Valparaiso city-countryside tour and several hosted events (i.e. welcome, mid-program, and closing dinners), transfer from the airport upon first arrival in Chile.
Photocopiers and internet access will be available during normal business hours (9:15 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday) at the Class venue.

All fees/costs are to be paid in U.S. dollars. These fees do not include airfare, traveling expenses, costs associated with sightseeing (except for those covered by the Cultural Fee), meals, books (except for the Reader for the Introduction to Latin American Legal Culture course), or other materials for the program. All costs not specifically included in the charges above are the sole responsibility of the student. ATM machines are located around Santiago, but only dispense Chilean pesos and are subject to surcharge, exchange, and other fees.
Application fee applies towards tuition and is non-refundable unless the student is not accepted into the program or the program is canceled.



The Chile Summer Program is open to all students enrolled at American Bar Association-accredited law schools and who are in good academic standing. Please talk to your law school's administration concerning the requirements for the transfer of academic credits from the Chile Summer Program.

Practicing attorneys interested in participating in the program should contact the program director to assess if such participation can be arranged.

South Texas College of Law Houston does not discriminate on the basis of age; ancestry; citizenship status; color; creed; disability or medical condition; gender; pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions; gender identity or expression; marital, military or parental status; national origin; race; religion; sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by law. For questions about discrimination on the basis of a disability or to file a Section 504 complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of a disability, contact the Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs and Academic Assistance, South Texas College of Law Houston, 1303 San Jacinto Street, Office 809T, Houston, TX, 77002, (713) 646-1778,

As participation in the Chile Summer Program is limited, it is best to apply early. If you have questions about the Chile Summer Program, please contact the Program Director, Professor Geoffrey Corn, at South Texas College of Law Houston, at or by telephone at (713) 646-2973.

Cancellation of the Program

If the Chile Summer Program is cancelled, registrants will be notified by USPS or by email. All tuition and fees paid to South Texas College of Law Houston will be refunded within 20 days of the date of cancellation. If the Chile Summer Program is significantly altered, registrants will have the option to withdraw from the program without financial penalty.

The program is subject to change. If for scheduling purposes the course instructors need to be reassigned, the Director will use his best efforts to make arrangements for a similar international or comparative law course.

If the U.S. State Department issues a Travel Warning or Alert covering the Program dates or destination prior to the start of the program, registrants will be promptly notified and all tuition and fees paid to South Texas College of Law Houston will be refunded within 30 days of the date of the U.S. State Department Travel Warning or Alert (this has never been necessary in the past).

If during the program the U.S. State Department issues a Travel Warning or Alert covering the Program dates or destination or the program is terminated, registrants will be refunded all tuition and fees paid and Cultural Fees utilized prior to the date of termination or withdrawal. Amounts to be refunded for Cultural Fees will be calculated on a pro rata basis (this has never been necessary in the past).

Withdrawal from the Program

Except as described in the "Cancellation or Changes in the Program" section above, students who withdraw from the program after the first day of classes will have their tuition reassessed. The reassessment will include a charge for tuition earned by STCL-H. Earned tuition will be calculated as a pro-ration based upon the length of the program (session) and the date that the Business Office at STCL-H is officially notified of the student's withdrawal. If the percentage of days of attendance divided by length of the program exceeds 60%, no refund will be issued.

For example, if the program is 27 days long and a student attends 15 days of the program the student will owe STCL-H 56% of the total tuition (15 days / 27 day program length = 56%) and will be eligible for a 47% refund. If another student attends 17 days of the same program, the student will have attended 63% of the program (17 days / 27 days of program = 63%) and will not be eligible for a refund.

Return of Title IV Funds is a federally mandated policy applicable only to students who receive federal financial aid and who withdraw, drop out, are dismissed, or take a leave of absence prior to completing 60% of the program. The tuition of students who reduce units and remain enrolled is subject only to the tuition reassessment policy above. The Return of Title IV Funds calculation will be made by the student's home school to determine how much aid, if any, must be returned to Title IV loan programs. The tuition reassessment policy will be applied after the Return of Title IV Funds procedure is completed. In some cases, the student may owe his/her home school money for the Title IV funds returned to the lender in excess of any credit balance on the student's account.

The home school of any student who withdraws from or does not attend the program will be notified of the student's last date of attendance.