IP Week Chile

Proyecto ACCESO brought together a coalition of stakeholders fighting IP piracy and produced Intellectual Property Week in Chile in September and October 2004.

The events were sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Chile and featured a number of cutting-edge programs, including: training workshops for Chilean prosecutors, customs agents, tax collection investigators, and front-line police officers to improve skills in Intellectual Property rights enforcement (taught with support from U.S. prosecutors and FBI agents as instructors).

Public forums dedicated to building a national consensus to battle piracy; the launching of a middle school curriculum developed to combat Intellectual Property piracy; and a set of workshops for artists and musicians concerning mechanisms to protect Intellectual Property rights.

Throughout Latin America, there is very little law enforcement of Intellectual Property rights. The theft of music, computer codes, films, software, and books is far faster in the digital age. Technology is more efficient and the marketplace is more global. The losses to the artists, writers, publishers, musicians, media and software companies, and their respective shareholders are immeasurable. So are the losses to governments due to depleted tax revenues.

With global piracy, incentives for investment in research and development dwindle. Moreover, the profits gained in the illicit piracy business often go to organized criminal gangs and international terrorist groups. With counterfeit pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids, automobile and airplane parts, and food products, piracy poses a grave danger to public health and safety.

Through ACCESO Derechos Intelectuales, we have teamed up with the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), motion picture companies, U.S. embassies around Latin America, artists’ rights associations, and other stakeholders to develop an international consensus on the issue of piracy and to lobby for enhancements to new Intellectual Property laws around the region.

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