ACCESO Indígena

ACCESO Indígena researches and develops models for problem-solving, conciliation and other peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms throughout the Americas.

Chile Summer Program - Cile

At the foot of the Andes mountains in Santiago, a bustling metropolis with six million people, the Chile Summer Program provides students with a first-hand look at how Latin America's most dynamic economy is adjusting to a new era of democratic governance, human rights, and environmental challenges. With classes at the Heidelberg Center for Latin America, opportunities for real work experience in law offices and public institutions, and workshops throughout the region, students learn comparative and international law while enjoying the natural wonders and culture of the region.

Oral Trial Skills

From trial advocacy to media presentations, from cross-cultural negotiation to investigation techniques and back office management, ACCESO’s experienced trainers and workshops address all needs in the new legal environment.

EcoACCESO - Global Climate Change

EcoACCESO  engages in public discourse on trade and development, monitors treaty compliance, gathers evidence, and educates the public about environmental protection and how to best enforce green/legal practices.

Full Metal Justice