ACCESO Capacitacion

ACCESO Capacitacion teaches essential skills for the reforms affecting each country’s legal system. From trial skills, to media presentations, from cross-cultural negotiation, to back office management, ACCESO’s experienced Trainers and workshops are sure to address your needs in the new legal environment.

The ACCESO Trainers have the necessary theory and practical experience. Our workshops empower participants with the right tools to build a better new legal system. While other programs around the Americas give you lots of theory, we provide real, practical, and useful skills.

Our Trainers together have performed in thousands of trials, appeared in the media thousands of times, undertaken negotations across cultures as part of their daily professional lives.

Some publishing articles about our work in Latin America over the years:
Entrenaran para juicios orales, Opinion 2002
Especialistas analizan la Reforma Procesal Penal, El Diario Austral 2000
Legal group makes its case for the U.S. judical system, SD Union Tribune, 2001

Please visit the ACCESO Capacitacion website for more information on our courses and tranings.