ACCESO Collection Bolivia

ACCESO Collection Plan Bolivia presentation at Diesel Nacional in Sapocachi District of La Paz
Over September 2006, ACCESO Collection's Plan Bolivia line made its debut, and what a debut it was. Articles throughout the Bolivia national media spoke of the relevance of fashion for justice and how public education can take advantage of Bolivia's strategic advantage in the production of textiles.

The t-shirts, pants, and jackets this time around feature articles from the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights, ILO/OIT Convention 169, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights along with the Bolivian Constitution.

Designed by Mexican architect and longtime ACCESO Collaborator, Marcela Guadiana Cerda, "the Collection is a real life example of how to live and express what you feel", she told the journalists assembled around the media frenzy that hit La Paz.

ACCESO Collection Plan Bolivia presentation at the Centro de Orientacion Femenina Obrajes, the women's prison in southern La Paz
Working with the Bolivian prison authorities and Dr. Ramiro Llanos, director the Bolivian penitentiary system, the ACCESO Collection debuted its Plan Bolivia clothing line for the Spring season at Obrajes Centro de Orientacion Femenina Women's Prison on Thursday, September 21, 2006.

Featuring human rights documents, like the right against gender discrimination, sexual reproduction, and a fair trial, ACCESO's new collection is a sure fire hit among both law enforcement officers and the incarcerated. Hosted by Bolivian anchor woman Carla Patricia Soria Galvarro from the National TV Channel 7, the ACCESO Collection was worn by a number of women inmates who modeled and told the stories of human rights through fashion.

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