ACCESO Collection

The ACCESO Collection offers tools for a modern legal professional to practice his/her role in the administration of justice.

ACCESO Collection brings the fashion designs of Marcela Guadiana, successful Mexican designer and architecture. The Free Media Helmet ensures that the freedom of speech is protected - at least from police batons. Tested in La Paz by intreped ACCESO Team member Jose Porte to shoot the film Una Nueva Justicia en Marcha, the Free Media Helmet ensured accurate reporting as anti-globalization protests rocked the Andean country.

The Transparency Jacket, inspired by the rent-seeking behavior of corrupt law enforcement officials from Tijuana to La Paz, promotes the idea of fairness and equal justice.
The Judicial Independence Vest, once a joke is now a necessity.

ACCESO Collection Video

ACCESO Collection in Santiago, Chile to celebrate the rule of law

Designed by internationally acclaimed Mexican architect Marcela Guadiana, the ACCESO Collection brings to life the needs of the modern legal professional.

ACCESO Collection launches its new collection in La Paz, Bolivia.