ACCESO sessions

ACCESO Sessions provides young adults and other at-risk targets with current justice messages using their local urban signals to promote the rule of law among young people.

ACCESO Session celebrate popular culture to promote the rule of law. Combining the Hemisphere for new, hip, and commited talent. ACCESO Sessions showcase the best of Latino and Latinamerican musical traditions and creates new ones along the way.
Legal reform never sounded so good!!!

If you need to use or license any of our ACCESO Sessions songs, please send us an email to:

Enjoy listening to some of our songs below.

ACCESO Sessions Volume 1 - Santiago
ACCESO Sessions Volume 2 - Toronto Featuring the music stylings of Rockstar Inc. (Andrew Muroff) on guitars and bass, Avi Behar on keyboards, and Globo Guy (James Cooper) on drums.
ACCESO Sessions Volume 3 - El Estado de Derecho (El Pistolero en vivo) When six musicians met in a recording studio in Toronto, Canada to provide a soundtrack to a film about justice, no one had any idea that the results would sound so good.
ACCESO Sessions Volume 4 - Kids With songs dealing with the presumption of innocence, child labor, and globalization, Volume 4 will entertain and educate at the same time.
ACCESO Sessions Volume 5 - Live from Muelle Baron at Valparaiso, Chile
ACCESO Sessions Volume 6 - The Best of the best ACCESO Sessions
ACCESO Sessions Volume 8 - Environmental Music - Eco ACCESO