Archives and disseminates the significant moments of justice that occur as part of the reform process.
Over the past five years, ACCESO Vision has doggedly followed change agents in legal reform. We have been with a Chilean Prosecutor in the valleys of the Patagonia to investigate a serial arsonist.

We have interviewed the President of Paraguay, Luis Gonzalez Macchi about corruption and his brother, Jose Gonzalez Macchi about the conspiracy charges for which he had to resign its judicial position.

We have followed human traffickers across borders and have archived the work of shantytown drug traffickers. We have been in the courtrooms of Santiago and San Diego. And behind the scenes in corporate boardrooms.

We have gone shopping for magic potions with law enforcement officers in the Witches Market of La Paz, Bolivia, been on raids to find pirated intellectual property goods, and broadcast the first ever oral trial on terrorism (and indigenous rights) in Chile.

We are ACCESO Vision and we have already been doing this work. We sometimes wear bullet proof vests, sometimes get wet from water cannons and have even taken a train across the Bolivian-Chilean border with a group of judges from both countries. We always diffuse education to the public.

To do so, we have partnered with the U.S. State Department, German Government technical cooperation agency (GTZ), the Bolivian and Chilean governments, and m,any local governments. We have won funding from the United Nations Development Programme, and private philanthropic foundations.

ACCESO Vision broadcasts the new oral trials, law-related public service programs, Indigenous issues, Traditional Knowledge Documentaries, reality TV shows and cartoons with ACCESO Legal Superheroes, and entertaining information to build public confidence in the legal sector and those who work within it. ACCESO Vision educates and inspires.

Here our last Documentary on the legendary Judge Juan Guzman Tapia.

Here more of our work: