Chile Summer Program

The Chile Summer Program provides students with a remarkable opportunity to study international law in an international setting, in a country that emerged from decades of authoritarian rule to become one of the most successful examples of democratization in the world.

The program places students in the heart of Latin America's quest for justice and the struggle over globalization. With classes held in the most beautiful part of the modern and thriving city of Santiago, students will complement their classroom experience with the cultural experience of a great South American capital.Veterans of this program consistently indicate that the experience exceeded their expectations and truly transformed their understanding of the international legal system and the broader social, political, and economic character of our shared hemisphere.

Whether it is security policy, accountability for serious violations of international law, legal reforms, or economic development, Chile has long been a leader in Latin America. The Chile Summer Program 2019 has an Experiential Component and provides two units of credit to students who work in the field (without pay) and experience a legal sector environment (private law firms, government agencies or ministries, Public Defenders or Attorney-Generals Office, National Police and other field placements).

After emerging from the Pinochet dictatorship, the country consolidated its democracy with a new judicial system. In Santiago, a city of more than seven million people, students will experience the reform process first-hand with leaders from the legal sector, including human rights advocates, senior law enforcement officials, corporate leaders, and members of the judiciary. Workshops and site visits will introduce students to new trends in social justice and the role that expanding free trade has played in Latin America.

Courses in international and comparative law provide frameworks for understanding the globalization of law and legal practice in the laboratory that Santiago and its environs provide. Every student will have the opportunity to develop or improve Spanish laguage skill. Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru are nearby and there are excellent ski resorts, thermal baths, wineries, coastal getaways, and top-end hiking treks within a ninety-minute drive from Santiago.
Make a difference, jack up your career prospects and life experience, and do some good. It's your Hemisphere, use it wisely.

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