Una nueva justica en marcha

When a group of lawyers and law students around the world join together for a crazy and dangerous train journey around South America, the law takes new energy. From the Altiplano to the Sea, justice is coming. Una Nueva Justicia en Marcha is an international initiative based in Chile, that uses film, performance, music and educational design to promote the legar reform and provide access to justice.

In December 2002, forty-two lawyers and law students from Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Mexico and the United States begau a train journey from the altiplano to the Pacific Ocean to highlight the criminal procedure reform in the region. Prosecutors joined with public Defenders, law professors with law students and justice ministry officials with judges as the group traveled from La Paz, Bolivia to Arica, Chile together. Una Nueva Justicia en Marcha is a 30 minutes documentary film that celebrates the journey and the travelers shared commitment to justice for all Latin America.

The film and DVD was directed by professor James Cooper and documentary director Sebastian Vives. The train initiative and the music were produce by Joerg Stippel a German human rights lawyer and Yerko Ilijic, a Bolivian lawyer and philosopher, both working fo the GTZ, German Technical Cooperation Agency in Chile.