Proyecto ACCESO’s Traditional Knowledge Documentary Chapter 1 (Pu Ruka Laren) plays around Chile during the Pre-Columbian Museum Film Festival

Proyecto ACCESO’s Traditional Knowledge Documentary Chapter 1 (Pu Ruka Lawen Warria Meu - Traditiona Mediine Meets Modernity) plays around Chile during the 10th Pre-Columbian Museum Film Festival.

For many years, the Chilean state and its agencies have been at odds with Mapuche leaders.  The media is filled with stories of pitched battles between the Carabineros and young Mapuche protesters.  Violence, police over-reaction, arson and other acts of property damage are dominant narratives playing out. 

But continues to be some good news that should be celebrated.  Mapuche culture, particular the traditional healing methods of Machi, medicine men and women of Chile’s largest indigenous group, have continued to be practiced in the new urban settings. They do so in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and in rukas (Mapuche medical/healing offices) that have been built inside hospital rooms and nursing homes.

Traditional Knowledge refers to the conservation of native sciences, medicine, folklore, artistry, and biological diversity within an indigenous culture.  The Mapuche people have been practicing these traditional healing techniques for millennia, long before Pedro de Valdivia arrived to what is now Chile.  This is a move toward self-determination that does not threaten the Chilean state but validates it. 

Here are some links for the film screening at different cities around Chile: